Thursday, September 2, 2010

St Louis Vacation - Day 3

Sunday, July 25, 2010
Our last day of vacation.
Since we had to head back west to Kansas City, we decided to have lunch in the small German community of Hermann, MO. Finally, we get to eat something different than what we have at home!
Hermann was named after some old German guy (named Hermann, duh!) who defeated some Roman invasions a really long time ago.
It is also famed for its local winery and German restaurant as well as its historic community. Greg, who loves German food, was thrilled at the chance to dine on authentic German cuisine. I was really looking forward to touring the beautiful vineyard.
We checked out of our motel with plenty of time to make it to Missouri's Rhineland for lunch. With Greg driving this time, I relaxed in the back seat with Sabrina and enjoyed being chauffeured!

The scenery was incredible! Located along the Missouri river, everything was very green and lush. Made me feel like we had stepped back in time.
When Greg and Sabrina rode the train on Friday, they had a brief stop in Hermann and immediately fell in love with it's charm. We took a drive through town to find and settled on the Stone Hill Winery and Restaurant for lunch.
Greg said the architecture of the restaurant reminded him of places he visited while in Germany on two occassions.
Sabrina was not excited.
At the end of our meal, Sabrina ordered cheesecake for dessert and I decided to try the black forest cake. The cheesecake was delicious but the chocolate cake set off my heartburn with a vengeance like no other!
Several Tums later and still rather miserable, we walked through the Stone Hill Winery store but had to forego the tour. I felt horrible!
This picture below was actually one of my favorites! I just love seeing Greg in a dress!
We drove through the town and checked out the homes and buildings and then made our way home to Kansas City.
I feel fortunate that we had the opportunity to get away for a few days and experience something different.
Thanks for reading!