Monday, June 28, 2010

Sabrina is a Yellow Belt!

My 9 year-old daughter, Sabrina, is in Tae Kwon Do at the Millenium Blackbelt Academy. She's been taking classes for about 5 weeks and on Saturday, June 26, 2010 she had her first belt testing.

She was nervous so the night before we practiced her form, blocks, punches and kicks until I was exhausted!! She was still going strong!

On the day of the belt testing event, we showed up early and Sabrina warmed up and chatted with her classmates.

Promptly at 12:00 noon, Master Mike began the testing session. White belts in the back, then yellows, then oranges and so on up to the young man who was testing for his black belt.

They began with everyone doing the same blocks and punches. Then onto the forms. Sabrina flawlessly performed her Tae Geuk Il Jang (first form) even though the other (adult) white belt messed his up. They progressed through belt levels and launched into the board breaking!!

I was really nervous, but very hopeful! We had practiced Sabrina's Hammerfist technique at home and she's really strong, but Sabrina's never actually tried to break a board before.

After everyone was in place, Master Mike said, "Sabrina. Go break that board!" Sabrina walked up and in one smooth powerful stroke broke the board perfectly in two! We were so excited and proud! Her eyes were huge when she turned around. Sabrina had completely surprised herself! I, of course, got teary-eyed!

Sabrina after breaking the board!!

Sabrina with Master Mike.

Everyone at belt testing!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm tired! Or "tarred" as they say in Mizurah

These last two days at work were very tiring. Today we had three classes of fire extinguisher training. It was educational and fun, but all the running made me really tired.

Thankfully Sabrina doesn't have Tae Kwon Do tonight since another class is belt testing. She's still got swimming lessons at 7:30 so I'm not in my jammies yet!

I'm so looking forward to my massage tomorrow!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday - Back to work

Had a nice trip to Iowa for My niece's graduation party. Thankfully we did not get rained on. I'm always happy when someone in my family has a happy event so I can see my entire family!

My daughter, Sabrina - age 9, had an absolute blast with her cousins. She doesn't get to see them very often and since it's the closest thing to siblings for her, she really takes advantage and squeezes as much fun as possible in a short amount of time!

We went shopping, did home pedicures and went swimming. Boy was I tired!

We got home after 10 pm Sunday night and I'm really glad we took Monday off to recover! We slept in until 7 am which is really a treat for me. We went to see the new Marmaduke movie, had lunch at Subway....well, we really didn't eat it there. Their air conditioning was broken and it was hotter inside than out. I felt really bad for the workers!! We went grocery shopping and rented "Leap Year" from the Red Box. It was really good! We watched it twice.

Greg got home from his Michigan trip around 8:30 pm. Just in time to read her a bed time story!

I'm back to work today and I'm in need of more caffeine! Thanks for reading! I'll write more next time!!